I have been recording images my entire life. In the early 1990s I moved to New York City and worked as an assistant to a variety of photographers; product, portrait, and editorial. In the mid 1990s I moved to Nashville and just finished compiling a book of work I accumulated there over the 8 years I called Tennessee my home – Nashville Reverie. Upon returning to San Anselmo almost a decade ago I began an extensive and deep affair with the Marin County Watershed land. I can say with certainty that I have been on every trail at least a half dozen times on the Fairfax side of the mountain and often, it’s trail be damned! With my dogs as instigators, I hiked regardless of path or weather I didn’t set out to take pictures there; it happened effortlessly at first, with my phone camera. Then, two years ago, I started carrying a Leica D-Lux 5 which I dig because it’s a digital camera with manual settings. This allows me the flexibility to capture the light how I see it, not how Apple sees it. It also allows me to have full control over print size. I don’t set out to find a photograph and there are many days when I come home empty handed. And there are many days when I could never capture the stunning beauty through my camera no matter how I try: I can’t translate the illumination of the edge of a cloud or capture the flickering of the light dancing on the ground below a group of rustling pines. What I am able to glean is merely my instant of being struck by the beauty of the land on which I was born. Being in nature is awesome. I hope to inspire others to venture out alone and listen.